Chef Geoff Lazlo not only sources local and "knows his farmer", but he is committed to discovering vendors in local communities within which he can grow new relationships and expand his sources. Despite opening Mill Street Bar & Table in Byram, the southern-most hamlet of Greenwich, he continues to travel to the Westport  Farmers Market every Thursday to support and purchase from a group of farmers and suppliers that he has grown to trust and respects deeply. From Path Roasters in neighboring Port Chester -- to Arethusa in Bantam, CT, Geoff knows that every choice, every partnership, along with every invoice, supports local people "doing it right".

Back 40 Farm, Washington Depot, CT
Sport Hill Farm, Easton, CT
Holbrook Farm, Bethel, CT
Fort Hill Farm, New Milford, CT
Riverbank Farm, Roxbury, CT
Millstone Farm, Wilton, CT
Stietzel Farmily Farm, Redding, CT
Arethusa, Bantam, CT
Wild Hive, Clinton Corners, NY
Fleischers/Craft Butchery, Greenwich, CT
Sea 2 Table,  NY
Path Coffee Roasters, Port Chester, NY
Hemlock Oysters, Cos Cob, CT
Garden Education Center of Greenwich, Cos Cob, CT